Instructors: Tuhon Jesse and Nate Schwartz

Intended for beginners to intermediate students.


Equipment needed: AR15, 2 rifle magazines, mag pouch(s). 100-150 rounds. Sling. Eyes/Ears.

Topics: AR marksmanship Zero verification Disassembly/assembly Accessorizing and maintaining an AR15 Efficient operation of an AR 15 Improve skills and precision with AR 15 Ready positions Specifically designed for training at 5-15 yards.

Classroom and Live Fire Instruction.

Knowledge focused training……Only requirement for the course is the willingness to learn. Focusing on the skills for safe and effective AR15 operations.

Level 1 – $125

*Entry class.*

Level 2 – $150

*Must take Level 1 before taking Level 2.*

Level 3 – $175

*You must take Level 1 and 2 before taking Level 3.*