A great option for firearm instruction, private lessons are offered by NorthShore Sports Club for those shooters who seek a more personal firearm class, flexibility with a training schedule, or to focus on specific firearm skills.

Whether you are seeking instruction for a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, NorthShore Sports Club has the right instructor who is an expert on the specific firearm platform you wish to be trained on. Participants are invited to bring in their personal firearms or use our rentals. There is no extra charge when using our rental guns during a private lesson.

The beauty of private lessons is that the participant sets the pace of instruction, chooses the exact topics, and selects a mutually acceptable appointment with the instructor.

Private lessons vary from beginner to the expert who may be seeking advanced fire and maneuver drills. The NorthShore Sports Club instructors will employ their flexibility and creativity to design a training session for any shooter at any level of experience.

Private Lesson Fee

The private lesson fee is $125 per hour for one student. For additional students, there is an additional charge of $30 per hour, per extra student. The maximum is 4 students per private lesson. Payment is required at the time of scheduling to book your lesson.

Additional Costs

Ammunition is available for purchase. We have ear plugs available at no cost, otherwise you may purchase over-ear protection from us starting at $20 / pair. Safety glasses are available for purchase for $4.


To enroll in a private lesson, just give us a call at 847-984-2283. We will get you scheduled with one of our certified instructors.