Combat Gun

Instructor:  Tuhon Jesse


Intended for beginners to intermediate students.

Equipment:  Semi-Auto Handgun (with or w/o red dot), 3 magazines, mag carriers, 150-250 rounds, OWB/DROP Holster (Kydex Type),  Eye/Ear Protection.

Areas Covered:

1) Combat Mindset and Safety

2) Fundamentals of Basics:  Combat principles, stance, grip, sight pic/alignment, trigger management, movements, cover, firing positions

3) Combat Gun Draw Flow:  Step 1-5

4) Combat Gun Flow (w/movements):  Stepping/Pivots/Shooting in movement (Flow)

5) Combat Gun Timing/Flow/Movement Drills

The course requires basic gun manipulation skills.  The shooter should be able to handle malfunctions and clearing the weapon.  Basic shooting form and shooting skills will be covered but require students to have at least a basic understanding on use of the weapon.  Drills and Skills is the focus.  Shooting scenarios will be utilized to increase level of functionality/skills of the student.  We will “Run&Gun” to train students on Combat Principles.  SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.

This course is intended for personnel that want knowledge, skills, and abilities in a Combat Gun/Tactical Environment.  This will be a great follow-on training upon completion of your basic gun fundamentals or your basic intro to gun classes.  The course is intended to increase one’s skills in Combat/Tactical situations.  We gain skills thru practice and drills……Functionality, Speed, and Accuracy is the focus.

Level 1 – $100

Entry Level.

Level 2 – $100

*You must take Level 1 before taking Level 2.*