New Shooter Class

If you are a new gun owner or new to the world of shooting, then this class is for you. We will go over safety, fundamentals, firearm cleaning as well as training tips and tricks! This a 2 hour class with both classroom and range time! Needed Gear- Pistol with 50 rounds of ammo. Ammo […]


Rifle Dynamics – Level 1

Instructors: Tuhon Jesse and Nate Schwartz Intended for beginners to intermediate students. Equipment needed: AR15, 2 rifle magazines, mag pouch(s). 100-150 rounds. Sling. Eyes/Ears. Topics: AR marksmanship Zero verification Disassembly/assembly Accessorizing and maintaining an AR15 Efficient operation of an AR 15 Improve skills and precision with AR 15 Ready positions Specifically designed for training at […]