Concealed Carry Class

Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm Sunday: 9:00am – 5:00pm NorthShore Sports Club has established itself as the Premier Concealed Carry course, in Illinois. Based on the USCCA approved curriculum, NSSC’s focus is to strengthen shooter’s competency. Our mandatory, Illinois state approved curriculum, covers everything from fundamentals such as grip and stance, to legal requirements and liabilities.. […]


Combat Gun – Level 1

Beginner / Intermediate level Equipment: Semi-Auto Handgun (with or w/o red dot), 3 magazines, mag carriers, 150-250 rounds, OWB/DROP Holster (Kydex Type), Eye/Ear Protection. Areas Covered:1) Combat Mindset and Safety2) Fundamentals of Basics: Combat principles, stance, grip, sight pic/alignment, trigger management, movements, cover, firing positions3) Combat Gun Draw Flow: Step 1-54) Combat Gun Flow (w/movements): Stepping/Pivots/Shooting […]